Presentation Guidelines

Packet Video Workshop 2013 is pleased to offer virtual participation. The workshop will be broadcast live over Cisco IPTV and WebEx, allowing the authors to present their work to the entire Cisco community in addition to the on-site participants. This will enable a wider audience and a more lively discussion of the presentations.

To make this process as smooth as possible, we ask the following from the speakers (Note that the following does not apply to the posters):

  • By December 5th: 
    • Release Forms: Each speaker (not every author) is required to sign this form and return it to by December 5th. This basically allows Cisco to broadcast the presentation and use the recording internally. If you are not willing to sign the document, your talk cannot be broadcast or recorded.
    • Slides in PowerPoint Format: The broadcast system is tightly integrated with a computer to present the slides. That’s why we need your slides in advance. The slides have to be in PowerPoint format and received by December 5th. We are aware that not everybody might be using PowerPoint. If necessary, the Cisco team will do the necessary conversion. Once your presentation is ready, use your last name as the file name and email it to by December 5th. If you have to use your own laptop during presentation for a specific reason, let us know in advance.
    • Slides in PDF Format: We will post the slides on this Web site after the workshop in PDF format for public dissemination. You should include the PDF version of your slide deck while emailing the PowerPoint version.
  • During the workshop:
    • Checking Your Slides: Before your session, you should do a final check on your slides to make sure everything (including fonts, animations, etc.) looks good.
    • Talks: Each talk will be 20 minutes + 5 minutes for Q&A (Keynotes will be 60 minutes including the Q&A). Prepare your slides accordingly.
    • Best-Presentation Awards: A committee will select one winner for each day for two best-presentation awards, sponsored by Samsung. The winners will be announced in the workshop closing ceremony.