Workshop Program

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Thursday, December 12th

08.00 – 08.45 Breakfast (Provided at the venue)

08.45 – 09.00 Workshop Opening [Slides] [Video]

09.00 – 10.00 Keynote 1: Jason Gaedtke, Google YouTube
Optimizing QoE in Large-Scale Video Networks [Slides] [Video]
Session Chair: John Apostolopoulos

10.00 – 10.15 Coffee Break

10.15 – 12.20 Special Session: Adaptive Streaming
Session Organizer(s): Michael Luby
Session Chair: Michael Luby

  • On Adaptive HTTP Streaming to Mobile Devices [Slides] [Video]
    Authors: G. Tian, Y. Liu
  • ELASTIC: a Client-side Controller for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) [Slides] [Video]
    Authors: L. De Cicco, V. Caldaralo, V. Palmisano, S. Mascolo
  • HTTP-based Adaptive Streaming for Mobile Clients using Markov Decision Process [Slides]
    Authors: A. Bokani, M. Hassan, S. Kanhere
  • User Experience Modeling for DASH Video [Slides] [Video]
    Authors: Y. Liu, S. Dey, D. Gillies, F. Ulupinar, M. Luby
  • Optimal Adaptation Trajectories for Block-Request Adaptive Video Streaming [Slides]
    Authors: K. Miller, S. Argyropoulos, N. Corda, A. Raake, A. Wolisz

12.20 – 13.30 Lunch (Provided at the venue)

13.30 – 14.30 Keynote 2: Ion Stoica, UC Berkeley and Conviva
Improving Video Quality by Information Sharing [Slides] [Video]
Session Chair: Bernd Girod

14.30 – 16.10 Regular Session: Visibility and Video Quality
Session Chair: Zhi Li

  • Packet Loss Visibility of View+Depth Compressed Stereo 3D Video [Slides]
    Authors: Q. Song, P. Cosman
  • Low-Complexity No-Reference PSNR Estimation for H.264/AVC Encoded Video [Slides]
    Authors: D. Schroeder, A. Essaili, E. Steinbach, D. Staehle, M. Shehada
  • Motion Compensated Error Concealment for HEVC Based on Block-Merging and Residual Energy [Slides]
    Authors: Y. Chang, Y. Reznik, Z. Chen, P. Cosman
  • Cross Segment Decoding of HEVC for Network Video Applications [Slides] [Video]
    Authors: J. Wen, B. Li, S. Li, Y. Lu, P. Tao

16.10 – 16.30 Coffee Break

16.30 – 17.45 Special Session: WebRTC 2.0
Session Organizer(s): Varun Singh, Jörg Ott and Colin Perkins
Session Chair: Colin Perkins

  • Understanding the Dynamic Behaviour of the Google Congestion Control [Slides] [Video]
    Authors: L. De Cicco, G. Carlucci, S. Mascolo
  • NADA: A Unified Congestion Control Scheme for Low-Latency Interactive Video [Slides] [Video]
    Authors: X. Zhu, R. Pan
  • Performance of DASH and WebRTC Video Services for Mobile Users [Slides] [Video]
    Authors: F. Fund, C. Wang, Y. Liu, T. Korakis, M. Zink, S. Panwar

19.00 – 21.30 Workshop Dinner (Details)

Friday, December 13th

08.00 – 09.00 Breakfast (Provided at the venue)

09.00 – 10.00 Keynote 3: Will Law, Akamai
Double, Double, Toil and Trouble, Bandwidth Grows and Congestion Bubbles [Slides] [Video]
Session Chair: Ali C. Begen

10.00 – 10.15 Coffee Break

10.15 – 11.30 Special Session: Information-Centric Networks
Session Organizer(s): Ashok Narayanan and Jeff Burke
Session Chair: Ashok Narayanan

  • On the Interaction of Adaptive Video Streaming with Content-Centric Networking [Slides]
    Authors: R. Grandl, K. Su, C. Westphal
  • Named Functions for Media Delivery Orchestration [Slides]
    Authors: C. Tschudin, M. Sifalakis
  • Are Information-Centric Networks Video-Ready? [Slides]
    Authors: C. Tsilopoulos, G. Xylomenos, G. Polyzos

11.30 – 11.45 Coffee Break

11.45 – 13.00 Special Session: Low-Latency Interactive Video
Session Organizer(s): Stein Gjessing and Michael Welzl
Session Chair: Stein Gjessing

  • Performance Analysis of Receive-Side Real-Time Congestion Control for WebRTC [Slides] [Video]
    Authors: V. Singh, A. Lozano, J. Ott
  • Circuit Breakers for Multimedia Congestion Control [Slides] [Video]
    Authors: V. Singh, S. McQuistin, M. Ellis, C. Perkins
  • Q-AIMD: A Congestion Aware Video Quality Control Mechanism [Slides]
    Authors: T. Thai, N. Changel, S. Kerboeuf, F. Faucheux, E. Lochin, J. Lacan

13.00 – 14.00 Lunch (Provided at the venue)

14.00 – 15.40 Regular Session: Video Delivery and Scalable Coding
Session Chair: Christian Timmerer

  • Multiple Description Video Streaming Over Asymmetric Channels [Slides]
    Authors: P. Correia, P. Assuncao, V. Silva
  • Proactive Prioritized Mixing of Scalable Video Packets in Push-Based Network Coding Overlays [Slides]
    Authors: M. Sanna, E. Izquierdo
  • Device-to-Device Assisted Video Transmission [Slides]
    Authors: Y. Shen, W. Zhou, P. Wu, L. Toni, P. Cosman, L. Milstein
  • Light Weight Content Fingerprinting for Playback Verification in DASH [Slides] [Video]
    Authors: Z. Li, I. Bouazizi

15.40 – 15.50 Coffee Break

15.50 – 17.00 Poster Session
Session Chair: Pål Halvorsen

  • The Nephele Livescale Toolkit: Video Stream Processing At Scale [Abstract] [Poster]
    Authors: B. Lohrmann, O. Kao
  • One Control to Rule Them All: Coupled Congestion Control for RTP Media [Abstract] [Poster]
    Authors: S. Islam, M. Welzl, S. Gjessing
  • Optimized Scalable Video Delivery for Streaming, Downloading, and Hybrid Access Models [Abstract] [Poster]
    Authors: S. Hosseini, F. Fund, S. Panwar
  • Reduced Switching Delay for Networked Music Performance [Abstract] [Poster]
    Authors: G. Xylomenos, C. Tsilopoulos, Y. Thomas, G. Polyzos
  • Evaluation of MPEG-DASH over CCNx over different TCPs [Abstract] [Poster]
    Authors: T. Muto, W. Wu, S. Awiphan, K. Kanai, J. Katto
  • Demonstration of COTS Hardware for Capture, Playback and Processing of SMPTE ST 2022-6 Media Streams [Abstract] [Poster]
    Authors: T. Edwards
  • A Consideration on Congestion Control for CCN [Abstract] [Poster]
    Authors: Y. Wang, T. Muto, S. Awiphan, J. Katto, Z. Su

17.00 – 17.15 Best-Presentation Awards and Workshop Closing [Video]